"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination."

About ROSTR™

Two rapidly growing markets are high school athletics and mobile technology; yet there's not a product that fuses both. Until now.

ROSTR™ provides an online/mobile performance tracking and enhancement tool for high school athletes who are trying to elevate their athletic performance, and all those who have a vested interested in their success.

By providing sport-specific easy stat-tracking, goal-based training and wellness recommendations, ROSTR™ brings a new powerful and intuitive way for athletes to capture photos and videos, giving them the ability to share it all with parents, coaches, teammates, and friends. ROSTR™ gives athletes a meaningful way to take their performance to the next level.

That's because ROSTR™ is built around a unique interface that makes it easy for athletes to record and share their progress with their teammates, parents, and coaches and access pre-vetted content to improve their performance and overall health based on feedback from college scouts, coaches, and experts in their respective sport.

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    All Eyes On You™

    ROSTR™ enables new ways for athletes to personalize their profile and customize every inch of the app to make it their own.

  • The most advanced video capture engine!

    Working close with recruiters and coaches we developed a new intuitive technology to capture live video within the app making it available instantly to our private ROSTR™ Recruiters Network.

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  • iPhone 6 ROSTR™ App View 2

    Athlete IQ™

    Our partnerships enable us to deliver exclusive content to our athletes to perform better and avoid injuries.

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